Why Crazy Sexy Magic?

Crazy sexy magic is when you bring your own joy to every encounter with others.

Crazy sexy magic is what happens with people’s collective energy is more powerful than their individual energy.

Crazy sexy magic happens when you seek out others. It’s about saying yes to adventures and opportunities.

Crazy sexy magic is about cultivating connections and relationships. It’s about the power of collaboration and cooperation.

We believe in the radical notion that when women get together, they create magic.

What is Crazy Sexy Magic about?

  • Meaning: We want to help you find meaningful connections and opportunities. We do this by providing job postings (to come) and member profiles and interaction (to come)
  • Connection: We want you to connect with others online and in person. We do this by hosting online events that foster real life relationships.
  • Inspiration: We want our members to feel inspired to excel. We do this by writing blog content, sending out newsletters and posting positive messages on social media.
  • Knowledge: We want our members to learn new things. We do this by writing blog articles, making videos and planning educational events.
  • Growth: We want our members to grow and thrive. We do this by writing blog articles, providing job postings and facilitating mentoring and accountability partners.

Making real connections online

As part of Crazy Sexy Magic, we’ll be inviting women to online mixers where we can get to know one another. We’ll be adding fun twists to each mixer to help break the ice and ensure everyone has a memorable time (and comes away with legitimate contacts and friends). Stay tuned for details and invites!

We’ll be creating an online directory of fantastic women that can serve as a marketing tool or a place to find like-minded women for friendships or collaborations.

Along with our mixers, we’ll be conducting various “social experiments” that get people to contemplate life and think outside the box. Check out our current projects here.

This website is sure to evolve and grow, so come back often to see what we’re up to!

Also, check out our Facebook page to see our latest posts and invites.